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Published: Tuesday 1st of April 2008 06:43:25 AM


Amar Khoday
This is just beautiful imagery. I am eager to see more of your work based on this.

Steve Campbell
Great lines the fluid motion of lines gives this picture eye catching properties. Very nice work !!

David Wegwart - Denver/CO.
uplifting :-)

Evi Georgiadi

Julie Smith
Beautiful image This is voile fabric is it? There is movement in this photo and I love the effect you have achieved. Contrived: to me this is what photography is about. If your not thinking about how you compose your images, then a lot of images are just gonna be sheer luck. Someone else sees your image and wants a similar image - how are you going to achieve the same for them without having actually had some control over the original image? To me, any effect achieveable by any means is worthy of showing whether in camera or manipulated in photoshop but I guess everyone has differing opinions on that. This image leaves me wondering how it was achieved, so for me was worth seeing. Obviously shutter speed was a consideration in the mix showing the photographer considered how they'd show movement. Sometimes what the client is looking for is "contrived" not something anyone can take with their camera set to auto is it not? The minute you take a model into the studio it is contrived. Your setting up the location, choosing the lighting, choosing the pose, choosing the shutter speed and the F stop. Sounds like a whole bunch of 'contrived' to me.

Nicholas Mulvaney
wonderful!!!! beautifully toned and captured....!

V Moore
Evocative Image The feeling of movement is delightful and the model's dreaming expression is perfect. Small suggestion, if you try this pose again ask the model to put her left shoulder back and lessen the angularity of her arm which would make the over all effect even more flowing. Stonedance

rabeeh khani
make me feel free ;)

Anthony Brookes
This picture doesn't do anything for me. It is contrived, and taken in a studio no doubt with excellent facilities. This is not what is about for me. The composition is not good and to me there is no sense of movement. These things are very subjective but to me it only rates 2 out of 5.

Iker Iglesias
I must believe someday I,ll be able to do something like this. It,s outstandig Jingna. Thanks for sharing. Iker

michael greco
wonderful image !

Ishaq PagarAlam
This is great work, love it.

Ben Dangerfield
Redemption Cross between Frank Petty and Victor Skrebneski

Leslie Elieff
Redemption Truly beautiful. I will strive to take a picture like this in the future. Thanks for the inspiration. Lasally

Ramana Prasad
great timing? I love the feel and mood,great work.

Goran Kalanj
Goran Kalanj Beautiful photo !

Dianne Owen
just beautifully done

Raymond Borg
Just a wonderful fine art image. I like the mood and the colour balance. Well done.

Philip Turner
Superb! Texture, movement and a beautiful and subtle monochromatic image. A super illustrative and evocative creation. Can't praise this image enough.

Patrick Hudepohl
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang Please note the following:

Bill Tate
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang Yes, "Willie the Cropper" is back and although not in great form, will attempt to critique this week's POW. My first impression, without looking at your gallery art was that I didn't particularly like this image. When comparing it to your others, I still hold that position. It's not that it needs cropping, which is my specialty, but rather that it suffers from too much floating material. There are the arms out front with white cloth, then the same material is floating above the girl and behind her head and again behind her back. It's too complex for what it is and that's the beauty of your other images. They are seamingly simple and straight-forward. I don't think darkening the corners brings one's attention to the subject either. It looks phony, as I'm sure it is. Please don't let me burst your balloon. You do deserve the honor of being chosen for POW, but in my, book any one of the others shown on Photo.Net rate higher than this one. Sorry for being so blunt. Normally, I'm a pretty nice guy. By the way, I wouldn't crop it at all. Willie the Cropper

Holly DeGarmo
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I think Willie has a valid opinion, but I see the image in a different way. I believe the flow of the fabric is what makes the emotion of the image. It gives a feeling and helps me connect with the image. Something that is otherwise often achieved through the eyes of the model. Is she being pulled towards the light or falling away? My only real suggestion for improvement would be to work on the magenta halo. I like the hint of color, but it feels too consistant to be natural, maybe play a bit with the density and opacity as it falls around the fabric. Overall I really like that the image makes me feel.

Ciprian M
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I like the color and tones , also the pose.Inspiring !

Marina Situmorang
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang amazing pose and elegant tone! exquisite!

Mona Chrome
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang My first blush with seeing the thumbnail was that this was a nice fashion image, but when I opened it, it started to fall apart a bit. My problem with this is chronicled above and relates to the fabric. First, it feels as if there is just too much fabric that doesn't belong there--it appears this is not all dress, but added fabric--whether it is or not is irrelevant, it is either a bad choice of dresses or a not so skillful attachment. The fabric around the body, still attached, looks messy. The blowing fabric behind the head looks natural and has a nice flow, but around the waist and butt becomes very distracting and just seems, again, added. What bothers me maybe the most, altho by just degrees, is the column of fabric going up and out of the frame in front of the model. This looks like it was hung there, above the set, hoping something good would happen--it didn't. Essentially, I feel that the photo, due to the fabric, has lost all sense of being organic and has become forced. The thing for me, and goes to my feeling that one should post only their best, is that this feels like a test shoot that really didn't work--an experiment to be refined over time with the information gathered. I say this because some of the still shots with this fabric in your portfolio are very nice. You do seem to have an eye for styling and composition, but it feels that that was subordinated here to effect a test--which is totally valid and important to do, and keep, in private. Maybe you were excited about the good things in the shot and just didn't see that the flaws were so great. It would be great to see you refine your technique here and post one that lives up to the quality of the bulk of your work.

Jana Vanourkova
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang The feel of joy and freedom. The incredible lightness of being. I like it very much. Jana

Marc G.
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I'll have to side with Holly DG, and say again that I too "believe the flow of the fabric is what makes the emotion of the image". Then I do not have the same problem with the fabric as Mona Chrome. It is perhaps messy, but what I see here is a person who was completely "burried in white sheets", escaping from a matrix of some sort, or getting out of a cocoon... And so, nothing shochs me about all the veils: they could be in virtually any sort of position, as long as they'd would seem to be flying, it would still be ok, because "messy" is what all birth and all escapes are anyway... I must say I really like this image, because it is truly different - even when compared to most "hair motion" shots. Here it's not just the hair that's moving; it's everything, and so harmoniously ! Besides that, I like the skin color - although it's very strange indeed ! I like it because it matches the background while contrasting so nicely with the bright white veils. I like it also because I see it as an opposition between the old and the new, as if someone already grown up would have a re-birth of some sort... What I may find a bit over the top would be the possible blurring of some areas of the image at post-processing stage, but the image is presented too small here, and it's quite impossible for me to draw any clear conclusion on this matter at this size. That said, I really like what I see here, and I like the complexity that others have criticized. This image is complex but, to me, more poetic than lots of nice but more expected images in your portfolio. Regards, and all the best for the next ones ! I'll surely keep an eye on what you'll post in the future.

Erik Adams
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I like the concept, but looking at the rest of Jingna Zhang's folder, I think she can take this farther. Like Mona, I find the fabric to be in disarray. But most of all I would prefer more definition in the model's face. Part of the problem is that the tonality of the background matches that of her face. The model is positioned to create a silhouette, but the silhouette effect depends on some contrast between face and background. I do like the muted skin tone; it reminds me a bit of Fuji Astia.

Alberta P.
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang Love the concept, agree with the comments about the unnecessary column of fabric in front and must add that I feel that someone should be prepared to catch her: she appears about to topple over. I think I would have preferred a slightly more upright pose.

Ken Thalheimer
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang No question it's a very good shot. A little too much flowing motion for my taste

Diana Deaver
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang This image is special to me. I came across Jingna Zhang's images about six months ago and have humbly admired them since, some more than others. This particular image I find very engaging. My first impression was that I needed to figure out what the model is doing so I had to examine all the details. I still wonder why it's called "Redemption". I like it for the wonderful flow and softness the white fabric gives it, the feeling of envelopment and movement. Who wouldn't want to be wrapped in white flowy silk? I wish the lips of the model were a bit more defined as well as the some of the flowing hair that lacks focus.

Neill Graham
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I reacted with instant interest to the thumbnail and liked the original concept. The lighting gives it an ethereal feel and there is a "floating" quality that is intriguing. It must have been quite a trick to set this up and to capture the motion of the model so that her hair flows with the diaphanous material so nicely! Well done. I am now perusing Jingna's web site - - to enjoy more of her work.

Lee Jianmin
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I love the placing of the her head on the white linen,and the choice of the angle. The perspective here enhances the affect immortalizing it. I like the fill light that takes away hard shadows and softens the hard light too.

Brian Gulino
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang What I found interesting, and unique in your work, is how you take the static beauty of these models and get this nice sense of motion into many of your pictures. I find I like the pictures where something looks like its moving. The gown blowing, the strap crawling down the woman's back, the blurred paper.

Michael Hudson
Redemption by Jingna Zhang I admire the technique and execution of this photograph but am ultimately unmoved by it - Jingna's other photographs as commented by others are more pure in their simple form, and it is also noted are also essentially static. Redemption is clearly a frozen moment one and unfortunately for me all it does is make me wonder "how did he/she do that?" "how many times did they have to shoot it to get this exact effect?" etc- did the model throw her hair back them up etc? in that respect I find "Prelude" and "Fluid grace" in Jingna's portfolio less tricksy so to speak - it is clear how they were photographed. In the same way "Prison for the lonely" was clearly shot underwater - but also lacks the strong and clear compositional focus of Jingna's other material. So my verdict on this one is: technically excellent, but ultimately unconvincing. Jingna's portfolio is otherwise very strong so this is not intended as a negative - as a striking fashion shot it certainly would capture attention on a magazine page, which is likely how it would work very well.

Isabelle Delcourt
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I personally find this image very beautiful and striking. I love the ephemeral effect of the fabrics and hair. I am particularly interested in the very good use of light and color treatment. It shows there is a pro behind the computer. Well done. I'll definitely have a look at the rest of the portoflio.

Apostolos Spanoudis
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang The motion of the white dress and the blowing hair give a vivid sense to this picture.I like the skin tone differences caused by the light source position.I would prefer a lighter background, but this one doesn't bother me.Best regards

Darren Roberts
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I like it. But I do think the lighting could be tweeked with for better contrast between subject and background.

Alfredo Pezza
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang The photograf has artificial equilibrium but privides low emotional involvement! Nevertheless you can appreciate the softness of white & gray variations.

Kristina Kraft
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I like the overall idea. If it is redemption, then I'll say this is a divine rapture. The robe is magnificent! Her expression of face looks as she is in a trance, emotionless but in motion. 7/7

Julian Harrison
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I think it boils down to personal taste. It is clearly a beautiful and masterfully constructed image. For my taste though it is a bit to 'contrived' and perhaps with the title of 'Redemption' it aspires to lofty moral heights that are not borne out by the imagery (she doesn't look like she needs to redeem herself?). Like others I love much of your other work, particularly the simpler portraits and the majestic painting-like work, you are clearly gifted.

D.D. Toth
Response to Redemption by Jingna Zhang I love Jingha's work. All of her images just exude beauty. With this one, it seems more sensual to me rather then "Redemption". Just the way the fabric is enveloping her. And her body looks like she has finally just succumb to it, as she throws her head back. I love the muted monochromatic choice she made. It makes the material seem more weightless as it disappears into the background in areas. I feel if her hair was sharper it would take our eyes away from the outline of her neck and face(which is gorgeous). The lighting is marvelous and truly completes the feel of the image.

Jingna Zhang
Redemption The fallen angel rises...

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