by Amm Martin

untitled schneider kreuznach mm f seeking critique amm martin

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Published: Monday 31st of March 2008 10:17:30 AM


rocky awondatu
Magnificent ! Never see like this before ! B. regards.

Marc Aubry

Brenda Thompson
Great shot! I love the colors and how you captured the detail.

Kurt Nielsen
Not ugly at all! So colorful and intricate. Excellent camera work, Martin. This creature betrays the hand of skillful creator. Cheers.

Sonia Mason
He looks like he's made of glass. Did you go out one chilled morning with a misting bottle? Fabulous shot. I think I like this one even better than the other. I love the droplettes magnifying his eyes. Amazing.

Amanda Willard
Not ugly one bit! Very unique and interesting to look at! The colors are amazing too!! Nice work!

Shahrzad G
wow! thank you for showing me something i've never seen in my life! very beautifully done, too.

Ilze Lucero

Never seen anything like this.. Excellent shot..

Carlos Guaimare
7/7 Submarine fly

This fly really likes to swim. Incredible good. I always wonder how you do this kind of picture

Tony Hadley

Blows my mind - Fantastic!

Martin Amm
ugly beauty thanks a lot for your rating and comments

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