Old Florida, Sabal Palmettos, 2002 (B&W)

by Kelly Landrum

old florida sabal palmettos bw near mcintosh olymp kelly landrum

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Published: Monday 31st of March 2008 12:12:31 AM


Richard Karas
LANDRUM Very nice b&w interpretation of this scene. Not only do I have the opportunity to a great deal of photographic talent on this site but I also have the experience of learning names that either I am completely unfamiliar with or have heard a very few times in my life such as yours which I really think is a quite well chosen one. Noticed your a dog lover too, bravo. Good work, kudos rek.

Pierre Dumas
Really nice and original spectacle! See you Lanie! PDE

Landrum Kelly

Thanks, everyone.


This was shot near McIntosh, Florida, just a couple of hundred yards east of U.S. 441 near the top of a hill overlooking Orange Lake. This hill (a rarity in north Florida) is perhaps fifteen miles south of Gainesville and perhaps twenty-five miles north of Ocala.  There are a lot of wild Sabal Palmettos in this area (state tree of Florida and South Carolina--and grows wild as far north as the coastal islands near Wilmington, North Carolina). 


The area west of U.S. 441 (but east of I-75) also has some hilly country with palms, but the views do not overlook Orange Lake, as this one does.



Landrum Kelly
Old Florida, Sabal Palmettos (B&W) This is the Florida that few tourists know, the old central Florida landscapes that are disappearing as the bulldozers keep moving in. This was shot in 2002. I wonder what this same meadow overlooking Orange Lake looks like now.


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