by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 20th of April 2002 09:24:00 PM


Jason Hicks
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 I thought your depth and lighting were very accurate. Great work!

Deann Cummings
Aesthetics 8, Originality 10 The work is great.......but NO WAY could I do some of those shots WITH MY MOM! LOL!

Tom Arnold
Aesthetics 8, Originality 7 Very good I like the way you pose your models and your photography ain't bad eather

Chuck French
Aesthetics 7, Originality 8 If only the model on the right werent staring straight down the lens...

Marc Desimpelaere
Wow, impressive! Like it very much.

Cliff Calhoun
Aesthetics 6, Originality 7 Nice shot. Interesting perspective, composure, expressions... The frame is going slightly dark at the left and right edges, which is distracting, but I like the shot.

Jean-Francois Nahas
Aesthetics 6, Originality 7 I like this picture, however, it is a little dark for me... I don't know if this is because of the picture itself, the scan or my monitor...

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