Jumping Spider

by Melanson Jody

jumping spider canon eos d mark ii n sigma mm f ap melanson jody

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Tags: spider jumping canon eos 1d mark ii n sigma 150mm f28 apo ex dg hsm macro seeking critique

Category: Macro

Published: Thursday 27th of March 2008 10:55:49 PM


Bob Kurt
Lovely portrait

Thomas Powell
Do You Ever Feel like someone is watching you? Great clarity in the eyes. In this case, your name in "dead" space on top, allowing him to naturally leave your frame might be visually more pleasing ... but, your choice keeps the eyes in one area ... I'm torn. Beautiful portrait.

Marc Aubry
Wonderfull shoot, also funny.

Karl Schuler
Terribly sharp and impressive monster face but with the given title one would expect to see more of the legs. I suggest to change the title. Otherwise it is an outstanding photo. Karl

Stefano Cariolato
An incredible macro. Thanks God they are not huge. Compliments.

Rob Valine
Outstanding ! Wow ! Outstanding Macro shot ! Best detail I've ever seen on a spider. I'm seeing pupils in this things eyes. I didn't know spiders had pupils. I guess if you're another small insect, this is the last thing you want to see close up. Nice job !

Not Here
Fantastic!! Did you glue his rear down? How did you get him to pose? Don't like spiders, but I love this photo! 7/7... Mike

Chris Kolaczan
Very impressive image. Good to see that even with the setup (gosh that must have been hard to handhold) you could pull something like this off. Very nice. "I didn't know spiders had pupils." They don't. Nice touch. Or is it "nice catch". Was the pigmentation natural? Either way, looks great. ;)

Fredrik Steffen
You have gotta be kidding me. This gotta be the best macro of a spider I've ever seen. All thumbs up.

Alessio Buratta
photo molto ben costruita curata nei particolari soggetto luce bravo!!!! cordiale saluto da alex from milano italy........

Peter Kervarec
This is an absolute beauty ! You are a brilliant photographer Jody.

Richard Cox
Your lens combination must have been a foot long. I'm surprised you had enough light. This is outstanding!

Rafik Kamel
Lovely details jody, i like it a lot, i have a similar shot in my portfolio. regards, RK!

J-P Gray
Boris the Spider Wowho! Killer macro! This guy have brown eyes!?!

Bob Belanger

Jody Melanson
Jumping Spider This was captured using 3 extension tubes, a Sigma 150 Macro lens, and a reversed Canon 50/1.8 on the front. Handheld, Full Frame. Please view full size....

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