After the rain comes sun again

by Cesnakevicius Ceslovas

after the rain comes sun again seeking critique cesnakevicius ceslovas

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Published: Tuesday 25th of March 2008 06:15:02 PM


Olaf de Vries
Ceslovas Thanks for reacting! I already was afraid of having been too spontaniously. All indeed depends on the basis-photos. Like your fantasy, for it's showing a part of ones character. The nicest was the discovering of the ship! Solong! (Now I also see again the influence of daylight, watching an image.. Oh my.. I should more take care. :)

Ruby Strange
Your piece has stuck in my mind and I had to come back after rating it and comment. I absolutely love this! It has such a calming effect as well as a dreamlike quality to it. Its what fairy tales are made of.

Olaf de Vries
Sir..! Fantastic! That must have been a huge tripod you did use..! Congrats! Think the overall rain, while seeing the bow and the lighted clouds is just a too much here. It's making the total impression a fraction too "soft", can't find the right word. However, yes it's needed in getting/keeping the blue under control. At the same time, if speaking about soft, the blue on the left is quite strong. Phoe.. about balance. Coffee? Just sharing thoughts. It's also the transmitting to our screens of course. Do enjoy! Yes, we are playing. :)

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Thank you Olaf The background image came of two photos, sky with the cloud and sky with the rainbow. It was difficult and the same time interesting task to mix those two, becouse the rainbow photo had so much orange. Actually it's a first time i'm facing such a combination of colours. Coffee..I've been drinking all day long..why not:) Regards

Kurt Nielsen
CC, again I thank you for sharing your dream world with us. The softness of the colors is not a problem and very calming. You are a master.

Ben Goossens
I would like to see your images on Canvas big format... it must be WOOWWWW:-)) (Those soft colors makes it very special) Regards, Ben

Jean Halter Clink

What is the red line running bottom left of center to the right? 

I love all your work!!

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
After the rain comes sun again *

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