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Published: Friday 19th of April 2002 04:52:29 PM


Ri┬ęk Vincent
Woman without Shadow The woman on the left does not cast a shadow. Does that make her a vampire or something like that.

John Peri
What woman on the left Rick ....there is only one in the picture!?

marco vargas
what a trick! the woman rick is refering to is the mirror reflection (to the left of the picture), but located at the very right of the scene (outside the picture). nice touch!

L. Nelson
I must be dense - if not cut + paste, how was this done?

John Peri
Ever consider she might have a sister ..... !

John Peri
Had I done that, I would have another shadow ....!

James Rulison
Easy The picture is of the same girl. He took two shots one of the girl leaning as shown on the right and one in the pose on the left. Then cut the photo in half in photo shop and pasted the other poses refelection in the picture.

Taylor LaBarr
how could u guys not get this? its two girls that are twins, the one on the right is leaning against the mirror, the girl on the left is just a reflection of her twin who is standing out of the picture to the right. Great concept, I love it

Raido Kuurmaa
there is only one girl , leaning against the mirror on right , the girl standing left is a reflection of the same girl , in other pose , these 2 photos were cut and paste together i think .

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