by Cox-Leigh Ian

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Published: Sunday 23rd of March 2008 04:29:53 AM


gordon b
Ian Dogs can be so wonderfully expressive. Sety looks to be curious and anticipatory at the same time. He knows what He wants from you and is trying to gauge how well He is making his point. C'mon Ian! lets do one of those fun things you know I like so much. Like throwing that stick in the lake. You have done a fine job of capturing Sety's expression. He is well placed in the frame and you have just the right amount of Dof to separate subject and background while maintaining enough detail to place the dog in context. A sweet dog and a sweet shot... nice one Ian.

Urska G.
... :)

David Seltzer
A beautiful dog, Ian, and a well made image.

gordon b
Ian I love Tim's dog photos, as well as much of his other work. His two brothers are the same breed as Maggie & Darwin. You do have yourself a challenge with a black and white dog, in bright sun it would be a nightmare to contend with. I like the shot you attached it captures a nice flow between the black and white patches running across Sety's coat.

Ian Cox-Leigh
Oops, the other frame!

Ian Cox-Leigh
Urska, David, thank you. He does indeed just make you smile! He is cute and he knows it. He knows if we go through a drive-through lane at a restaurant, he is going to get a treat and he perks up and looks at people if they say the word 'cute'.

Ian Cox-Leigh
Thank you Gordon for your nice comments. You and Tim Holte are an often my inspiration to take more photos of my dog. Plus, all I have are 'perfunctory' shots of my last dog, Lucky. As a dog owner, you might appreciate this: I was actually taking a quick series of photos; and I failed to notice until I got home that Sety had actually looked completely away from me for a split second in the middle of the sequence. I kind of like the shot with his head turned right around for that briefest of instants (see attached). P.S. If you're getting a dog for photographing, don't get a black and white one. Unless it is overcast (as it was here) I can't keep the detail in both the whites and blacks and a young border collie isn't suited to sitting still for multi-exposure HDR. Not that that is really a deciding issue. :)

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