Sycamores, Long Cane Creek III (color negative)

by Kelly Landrum

sycamores long cane creek iii color negative feb near t kelly landrum

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Category: Abstract

Published: Saturday 22nd of March 2008 08:00:36 PM


Pierre Dumas
Great! Maybe a tiny little black stroke would fit! PDE

Marc G.
Well, maybe mine pops a little too much after all.... I don't mind the water color effect at all, but on my monitor, it did look VERY pale... I guess there must be a good middle road between too pale and mine which might pop a bit too much...:-)

Marc G.
I like the idea of modifying color and brightness here quite a bit, but how about a little more contrast - yes, "again", I know....:-)

Landrum Kelly
Good idea, Marc. I liked the watercolor effect, but apparently no one else did. Your version definitely pops. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Here it is months later, and I have tried your suggestion with another posting. I do think that it is better. All that I can say for this version is that I was in the mood for something very airy, and thus the pale colors and the white frame. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Sycamores, Long Cane Creek III (negative) Negative of sycamores reflected in creek. . . .


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