a beggar woman drinkinng pepsi from trash in Bucharest, romania.

by Ursu Mihail

a beggar woman drinkinng pepsi from trash in bucha bucharest roman ursu mihail

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Category: Street

Published: Saturday 15th of March 2008 11:29:30 AM


Sean R. Custer
yes! without the word "logic" in the frame, it would be just another one of those pictures. it's hard to believe that there could be an over-saturation of homless romanian women drinking soda from the trash, but there you go. good eye, and that subtle depth of field is really working here too. -sean

Mihail Ursu
thank you both Alex Koutsalexis, Sean R. Custer thank you for your comments, i am really glad you appreciate this photo.

Alex Koutsalexis
Terrifying document, but excellent photo. Ciao, Alx

Anuar Patjane
:) Totally agree with Alex. Best regards!

Mihail Ursu
Logic streets... thank you for looking and for any comments.

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