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Published: Tuesday 11th of March 2008 04:16:06 PM


Stephen Solomon
Well who's to say the ending of her arm is abrupt??? I'd rather consider it an avenue which leads around to her hair or to her waist. Both of which are striking! Her breast which is in-between only serves to smooth the transition. I like the photo and your exposure is good. Your model's expression is nice. Tones are good. Overall, a very good image.

Vittorio Pellazza
Expressions make you a great artist (like in your other photos). Here, I like dimensional contrast between almost two-dimensional profile of body and tridimensional face, hairs create a romantic gate. So the arm issue could stay without great problem. A real masterpiece. Sorry, more than 7/7 no possible :))

Jim Phelps
John, For me, this has the look and "feel" of one of your "backstage" shots. From my perspective, the eyes/facial expression create this look. The shirt, belt and pants, and the abrupt end of the arm contribute to this look, which I really like in this foto. Also, I really like the contrast between her hair and the rest of the foto. The hair continually guides the viewer's eye back to her eyes. Kudos to both of you. Jim

jaq b
lovely Jay g...

Alberto Conde
You are right, John, it may look amputated but hadn't you pointed it out I wuldn't have noticed. I like it a lot, though

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition John.Beautiful model.My best regards.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful!!! John. Alberto

Tanya Truong
John! Is Jay your returning model?. I think i've seen her elsewhere in your gallery. Jay has the kind of beauty that exudes such much grace and poise. John, thanks for bringing Jay to us. Your photography has made Jay one of the most adoring models on PN.

Sarah Kane
Divine portrait of a lovely lady John The lines of her body are exquisite; that moment when a woman removes her shirt... beautiful. ~S~

John Peri
Many thanks to all .. what does displease me somewhat however is the arm that ends abruptly ...

John Peri
Thanks to all .. and you too Alberto .. nice to have you here on PN.. :-)

Alon Eshel
Good work my friend . The model is truly amazing , Soooo gentle

Sorin Vidis
Master Peri strikes back.... ;-) My complimets to both of you...

John Peri
Giacomo, every time I looked at the photo, I thought of doing the same thing .. thanks, you have taken the decision for me .. it's much better like this .. I'm actually editing a book. I will crop it like you did .. :-)

Costas Ellos
Quel regard !!!!!!! Quel visage !!! quelle photo !!!

A.K. Sircar
I agree with Giacomo:-) Beautiful model.You have been able to capture her pristine charm,John.

jaq b
The only thing i don't like on this lovely picture -as stated above- is the belt and pants included in the frame. I imagine that seeing her skin tone only would add to the emotional speech of the image. Belt and pants take it back to everyday's life (not necessarily a bad thing, though).

jaq b

I look forward to see my name within the acknowledgements of your book, then. ;)

I'm joking, sharing a master's taste in this particular case is already a great reward.

thanks and ciao.


David Bradley
As always... Magical!

John Peri
Portrait of Jay .. ..

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