by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Tuesday 11th of March 2008 03:18:58 PM


Tammy V.
gorgeous work, john.

Alberto Conde
Superb pose, setting, location and stylism.

A lesson for all glamour photographers that learn from and are inspired by you, John.

Anca Cernoschi
great composition ;) love the colors

Tanya Truong
A very French feel... to this image. A combination of romance, elegance and sensuality. Very nice work, John.

Tore Nilsson
Great looking model and her pose works great too, I like the colour tone in the background, the colour work feels almost like a classic cross process. I like it and think it gives the image a quince creative touch. Cheers Tore

Jim Phelps
John, This should be in a textbook on use of color in artistic photography. The red-green contrast and the light-dark contrast work very well here. Jim

Alon Eshel
This is beautiful , Very attractive colors . Looks like a scene out of a good French movie

James Baeza
Very nice texture and colours. I think the processing works really well here. Beautiful model and classic pose. This certainly works for me. Well done.

John Peri
Many thanks to all ..

Josemi Gondra
New experiences

Hi, John

I agree with some previous critiques. That´s new color for me. You´ve got a marvellous soft green, softened indeed by blues and greys. Of course, no doubt, you have also made the proper coupling - harmony - between woman´s lips and eye shadow with the curtain colors in the back. The green background in the window seems to be a little disturbing for me, but what to say, the image is a master work of harmony and complementary contrasts. Congratulations and 7/7. Thanks for doing it so well. Josemi Gondra

P.D.: The woman is really beauty, but as usually, you should invite her to take some english breakfast from time to time.

John Peri

Thank you my friend .. : -)

John Peri
Boudoir 50's .. ..

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