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Published: Sunday 9th of March 2008 10:08:56 AM


Antonio Bassi
Beautiful work John, very sexy and sensual at the same time. Excellent position you caught and I like the softness of the B&W tones that enhance the elegant lines of the model.

Allan Kirby
Different Your pics usually have a stronger interplay with background, still the composition and lighting are excellent.

Chris Martino

Bill Symmons
A somewhat different setting from your usual John. But there is that Peri connection between the model and photographer. Very nicely done John. My compliments, Bill

John Peri
Thnanks for this interesting analysis Jim, Sorin also. This photo was taken with light coming in from the window to the right of the frame (as you look at it). Sorin .. I liked the trashy analysis. In fact this is an extremely shy young lady that I encouraged to let go a little and be herself .. this was the result. Ha ha .. she hides her face every time I talk to her about her photos (and sends me long screams by mail) .. but she loves her pictures and says they did her a lot of good. She will read this and I don't think she will mind if I mention that she said she hated her body ...

Frank Santabarbara
Frank Santabarbara Very strong image that is artistic and sensual at the same time.

Alberto Quintal
John. Beautiful!!! Alberto

Sorin Vidis
A bit of a trashy look mixed up with an innocent smile..... Interesting feeling to it...but the grey tones seems a flat....and soft Best regards Drop by....

Jim Phelps
John, Interesting (and good) approach to the fine art nude. I particularly like the triangle formed by her right arm and the implied triangle formed by her legs and the bottom of the frame. Her strong introspective facial expression causes the eye to stay on her face longer than it normally would with a fine art nude, but that makes the foto more appealing to me. My compliments to her on this pose. As an afterthought, have you considered working with the color version? The dress looks like it has an interesting color pattern. Lastly, is this shot in a studio with soft lighting? The shadows are somewhat less defined and the light looks more diffuse than most of your work. Jim

John Peri
Penny ..

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