Time to go..

by Soini Hannu

time to go finland pet dog seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Friday 29th of February 2008 09:54:05 PM


Hannu Soini
Thank You Drew! I am glad You appreciate the message of the photo:) BR Hannu

Drew Bayless
Time to go.. !!!!

Hannu Soini

Thank you Drew for the comment! It is interesting as this photo is taken a while ago what it brings back to me and how many things are different since that, luckily not too many and I see this look many times:)

I noticed that you have commented this photo earlier so I presume that there is special message to you and maybe to me. Certainly Tapsu has a special place both in my life and in the photography I do. The rest is guessing game:) thank you again! H&T 

Drew Bayless


Hannu Soini
Giving you the Eye.. Time to go.. Comments are wellcomed.

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