Northern Flicker in Flight

by Ettlinger Richard

northern flicker in flight jones beach flying birds y ettlinger richard

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Category: Wildlife

Published: Friday 29th of February 2008 08:47:34 PM


Ruben Campos
7/7 Spectacular, regards

Louis Blair
Beautiful capture of a very difficult subject.Bravo.Well done

Jim Brandano
Wonderful Great image... This is so sharp JIm Brandano

Carl Wakefield
Super shot. Detail sharpness, colour contrast all 100% very very nice. BR

Thomas Ringsma
Awesome! I'm new to this site but what a beautiful picture. It's like you're flying next to her... So what lens/speed/aperture did you use? Thomas

Paula Cobleigh
Great Capture! This is very sharp and I love the yellow on the underside of the wings and tail!

Monte Stinnett
I'm impressed that u can get a flicker in flight with a 500 mm. They are a real fast flyer.

Wendy de Kok
^0^ Great flight shot with amazing colors and details!

Richard Beisigl
Northern flicker I ment to say Northern Flicker. Sorry.

Richard Beisigl
Northern flycatcher WOW! All of your photos are , well, just outstanding; no other word or words can discribe the beauty of your photographs.

Richard Ettlinger
Northern Flicker in Flight Taken at Jones Beach State Park during Fall Migration! Thanks for Looking!

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