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Published: Wednesday 27th of February 2008 10:48:24 AM


Kaushik Chatterjee
John, The expression and the croping works very nicely. The slight grainy effect and the hair over the neck, its absolute beauty. Well choice of B/W. Rgds.

John Peri
Thank you Jim. That is precisely what she was before moving to another country for family reasons. What is interesting is that the model can also look very feminine and sensual in other photos.

A.K. Sircar
John, very good cropping,exposure and tone. She has very sharp features.The contrast works well.

Ioannis Lukas
Lovely expresion and tonality!

John Peri
Many thanks to both. A definite disturbance the hair acroos her neck which I did not notice at the moment of taking the photo, and even the armchair behind her head. I posted it anyway because of the personality of the model .. beautiful withour doubt but an even stronger determination that shines through

Jim Phelps
John, You have captured the young lady's character. The strong facial lines and intense eyes are what I would expect to see in a military officer. The use of B&W and the hard light enhance this further. Excellent character portrait. Jim

Tore Nilsson
She is a true beauty and you have captured her well Best regards Tore

Rob van Berkel
captivating beautiful captivating b/w portrait, John! next time without the stray hairs ;-) cheers, Rob

Sweid Sideris
Exotic beauty, sophisticated, and I think that the BW fits perfect with this thoughtful face. Great minimalist composition. Just one observation, I guess that this hair crossing her delicate neck is disturbing the lines.

Atanu Ghosh
excellent attractive face and expression...like the grainy feel...

Koushik Ray
I hope you'll not find it audacious, but the part of tress over the neck gives me the impression that she's suddenly turned left...expectant, thus giving the photo a dynamic touch. i liked the tone too. but what's the small blob at the junction of the bare arm and the dress on the right of the photo? regards, koushik.

Tanya Truong
Graceful beauty... with elegance. Beautiful long neck that compliments the rest of her feminine.

Michael Meneklis
Very fine use of B&W in a fine pose.

Sweid Sideris
That was what I guessed John. But I don't agree about the armchair as a disturbance, for me it's an important piece of this refined composition. The delicious curves of her neck, cheeks and shoulders fits very well with the lines of it, even the dark tonal range and texture is very appropriated. But for sure you can organize another session with her, because the strong personality and beauty of this young woman deserves it. I hope you explore more this style of portraits, you have the criteria and the talent too.

Tamarah Tamarah
Excellent wunderbar

Fred G
John You've captured classic beauty and delicacy, not just because of the subject's looks but because of your honest and demur approach to this. The curved lines are so graceful and elegant. Your technique provides a feel of depth and dimension in the very soft approach to lighting that enhances the softness of her eyes and features. I don't mind the chair, although I do imagine that a more classical or timeless style chair, perhaps with a bit of a curve to the top, would fit this nicely and add to the photo. I'm also a little disturbed by the straight horizontal "neckline" that your framing at the bottom creates. It seems to be at odds with the elegance of the rest of the curved lines.

John Peri
Many thanks for this interesting review. There are others in the series, but I think that it is in this one that the personality is most striking.

John Peri
Thank you Koushik. I have no idea what the spot is. Maybe just a artefact, but it shouldn't be hard to make it disappear.

John Peri
Portrait .. of a young officer in the land forces

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