by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 26th of February 2008 06:39:31 PM


John Warner
Adorable. I like the color image best. Images such as this one remind us why we love what we do. :O)

Vittorio Pellazza
Great lights, intriguing pose and look.

David McCracken
And still... I still would have panned it to the left. I guess you don't like that suggestion. More detail would have been good even though this has more than your usual.

John Peri
Frankly no, I had no desire to pan to the left or to the right, in which case I do not feel I would have got that expression and the angle of the neck, and I cut off both the hairline and the legs on purpose, to further concentrate the look. However, I don't really plan a shot like this, I walk around until it looks right to me. Thank you for your suggestion though, undoubtedly you would have done a better job than me, or a different one at least!

Ioannis Lukas
Very nice feeling and composition! ( janis Lukas

Alon Eshel
It works perfectly with the gray surrounding , Beautiful work

Sweid Sideris
A perfect capture of a captivating gesture, her expression is simply stunning, it's evident that she is very comfy in front of the camera, or, if you do prefer, she feel confident with the photographer. She has something different in her character, much more than her killing beauty. At last, again you giving me lightning masterclass.

Janusz Taras
Very secret model glance in fantastic composition.

Michael Meneklis
China girl... Porcelain Girl by John Peri. Very beautiful girl and lighting in a touching pose.

Danny Wilson
Excellent image

Brad Kim
What a youthful beauty!

John Peri
I have posted this also in black and white. I wonder if it might be preferable to anyone.

Jim Phelps
John, I really like the facial expression and the eyes. I think it works better in color, although it is close to being monochrome as is. You might get rid of the object in the center left of the frame, it is a distraction. Kudos to you both. Jim Phelps

Atanu Ghosh
wonderful soft tones...

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, I like this contrast and tones, John. Alberto

Alec Ee
This angle she looks like a mixed European Asian. A confident lady, nicely done John.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady daylight .. window

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