by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Sunday 24th of February 2008 12:25:41 PM


Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, lovely model, John, thanks for your comment on Eclipse, this was 2 stops less and some photo shop levels. Best regards. Alberto

Tanya Truong
That's the beauty of your photography, John. So spontanous, and able to capture the expression so well in that ..."slip second'. She's ....Stunningly Venus. :o)

Michael Meneklis
Bravo John, very elegant composition. You combine sensuality, realism and artistic feeling.

Joe Gallagher
Fascinating! An instant apart and yet there is a totally different feel to each photo.

Giles Farmer
nearly stereo Many will have missed one of the best bits about these images, they are very nearly a stereo, if you look at the left image then slightly cross your eyes you will see a very fine pair of breasts and the rest of the model. Giles

James Baeza
I would have liked it better without the head scarf but that is just a matter of fashion taste. Well done. This is certainly an interactive social moment, yet a personal one with the ash. The intricacies of us humans? Great capture. Best Regards.

Bob Kurt
Great again!!!

Alon Eshel
Nice work . The b&w colors and exposure are perfect

Atanu Ghosh
wonderful shot, when you keep them side by side...

Vittorio Pellazza
Great capture. Double photo with motion of eyes is ingenious. 7/7

Alec Ee
She's gorgeous. So natural and uninhibited.

Tony Colonello
Missing One Shot? I really like this but it just screams for a third shot with the cig just tapping the edge of the ashtray. Sort of a triptych of vice. I very much prefer B&W for nudes and the shot has a very candid un-staged feel about it.

John Peri
Splt second .. ..

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