JP F114

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Sunday 14th of April 2002 09:13:26 AM


Eric Ness
lovely image!

Andy Whitson
6/6 John,
I have seen the harsh comments on some of the other photographs and have to say, consider the source. Art is what you make of it and if it were for some of these people we would have been burning books for years.

With that said, I love everything and this one is my favorite so far. There is nothing more inspiring than a pregnant woman. Cheers!

Oliver Ray
I really feel that the whole deal with shooting pregnant owmen has been used up, expired, ist kaput. just an opinion.

John Peri
Good argument! So maybe we should stop photographing flowers, landscapes and kiddies too!!

Rhawn Fischer
nice do the stomachs really get that big when they're pregnant? my god. good picture by they way, pretty model.

Agata Rados
Rhawn, and how did you think the baby fits in?????? it has to become big because there is a baby insde...!!!! and around the baby there is water...!!! haven'y you ever seen a pregnant woman? my god what a silly question! but then again remember to respect all women and your own mom and wife the most! reagrds

David Stevens
John-there is nothing more beautiful than an expectant mom-outstanding.

John Peri
Thank you very much David. I agree of course. This particular shot was published in a book on Nudes.

Rhawn Fischer
wow agata i just thought that stomached looked out of proportionatly big. ive seen pregnant woman before, only a very few in person, but always early in pregnancy. i dont know how big the baby is when it first comes out, the youngest baby ive seen was 9 months old. it was an honest question no harm or disrespect intended. i apologize to the photographer and model, and to agata!

Tim Best

robert fgeener
its ok to me

Dana Goad
Very tastefully done 6/6 Andy Whitson - on the commentif it were for some of these people we would have been burning books for years. There are tastefully done work of art dealing with nudes and there are distastefull. I see tastefully as art. but that is my opinion. and you have yours.

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