Jen - Wider Shot - Black & White - Photoshop Filter - Distort then Diffuse Glow with Black & White Setting and no grain - I think I'll try for a little more detail in the arm next time.

by Chepikian Paul

jen wider shot black white photoshop filter chepikian paul

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Tags: jen - wider shot - black white - photoshop filter - distort diffuse glow black white setting grain - think ill try little arm time seeking critique

Category: Portrait

Published: Wednesday 20th of February 2008 10:35:07 AM


Raymond Elstad

I quite like this one my friend. This b/w version has a much more timeless qualtiy to it which I like. It seems like an old movie still. Bravo!

Paul Chepikian
Jen in Black & White A Black and White conversion from a color shot. The rest is explained in the heading. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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