JP F113

by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 13th of April 2002 11:40:32 PM


Dan T
Weird thus original. Provoking and even aesthetic. The model's confidence assures me that all is in the right place there. :)

John Peri
Well thank you Matt. I have three comments in reply. First of all, no filters have been used here. Secondly, I am well below the level that you indicate, as I am only an amateur who is fooling around and having fun - no-one has ever shown me how to use PS, I just press a few buttons on weekends to see what happens! Lastly, when such "experts" as yourself make these comments and only leave it at that, they are just stating the obvious which does not really advance us in any way. What would really be of help to us true amateurs would be to see some of your work to learn something from it, but you appear to prefer not to show it.

John Peri
Thanks Matt. I look forward to seeing your work too. I'm sure I have a lot to learn! The "filters" are in fact the easiest to use for someone that does not know PS. I guess I have overdone it frequently, but I was mostly after graphic or decorative effects and, as I have already said, basically I'm just having fun!

number 9
your portraits are strong, but your photoshop is a lacking. the ideas are going somewhere but the technical skills haven't caught up. the beginner photoshop student always applies too many filters and doesn't understand yet the beauty of subtlety. keep practicing, it'll come.

number 9
sorry if you took my comment the wrong way, john. i was in no way trying to slam your work. i found your portfolio through the "highly rated" section and was admiring your portraits. i was just surprised to see the photoshop work, it just didn't seem at the same level as the portraits. i am new to and have not found time to upload anything into my portfolio yet. when i do, i hope to see your criticism there as well. i do not claim to be a professional anything, i'm here to learn like everyone else. i do work with photoshop for a living and probably am a little strict in my perception of it. if there is anything you want to know, email me or post it, i'm here to share what i've figured out.

Roman F. Hümbs
i think margirtte:-) strong picture, interesting risky picture... br roman

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