JP F102

by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Saturday 13th of April 2002 12:03:20 PM


Stephen Ksiazek
Nice Nice pose and setting. Lovely model, but the left foot was cropped slightly. Would like to have seen photo without special effects. Would have been stunning!

Tony Samples
The scale only lets me go up to 10/10 or I would've rated this one higher. Great job.

John Peri
Brian, you can always wear blue filters and all that is blue will disappear !

Brian Tsai
The blue digital effect also bothers me, it is rather distracting as I scrach my head wondering, why. I would have preferred you played with special lighting instead.

Brian Tsai
John, I suppose you have a special filter to make the unnatural crayon-like texture on the model's skin disappear too? The image has good merits on its own, you really don't need the blue digital effects. Or I suggest you move the image to the fantacy folder if you just want to experiment with PS.

John Peri
Brian, every author is faced with a choice. That is his prerogative and that is why it is his work. Obviously, if I posted it in this manner, it is that I prefer it in this mode. It's not a fantasy, it's a glamour shot, in a rather forced posed. The blue tint helps to divert attention away from this unnatural position. I fully appreciate that you may not like it.

Fran Garcia

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