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Published: Sunday 17th of February 2008 12:16:32 AM


Tim Zeipekis
Last drink? She needs to re-evaluate her drinking limit, she doesn't seem to even realize that she's lost her pants.....LOL The background is a little busy for me, but I do like the B&W, the model ain't bad either....

Jörg Vetter
Good vibrations. BW is here great. BR Joerg

Alberto Quintal
Fantastic, super B&W. Best regards, John. Alberto

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Excellent control of contrast, very interesting capture of expression and great model!

Atanu Ghosh
very sensuous and erotic capture...

Bob Kurt
Very cool and original.

Joe Gallagher
She is drinking alone? And in the kitchen? Great photo of a beautiful, senuous woman. Kinda sad though.

John Peri
The word "vulgarity" is subjective, unecessary and inappropriate in the critique of a fellow photographer's work, and yes it is offensive and unacceptable. Your views on men's perceptions of women furthermore has nothing to do with my photo above and I would appreciate it if you kept it to yourself or posted it on your own pages.

Gregg Smith
Strange What a strange pose. A bottomless women lounging in the kitchen. How do you come up with your ideas? Executed brilliantly as always. You are my hero.

Vittorio Pellazza
I think this photo is an interesting mix of softness and sensuality. This achieved by the usual everyday like style of models in John's photos. Expression of face is spontaneous, almost stolen, not planned. This strange mix appears also in the (funny) clothing that seems to reveal something not intentional, perhaps forgotten. Obviously, these photos are often fashion like and so, fine dresses, control on lights, pliable and harmonious bodies are necessary to express this concept of beauty. It is not forbidden to feel this sensation with another kind of body but, here, it has to be general and pure. Imho...

Vittorio Pellazza
Very creative idea. Great lights and real expression. Congratulations.

Magdalena Campomenosi
YOUR photography is OFFENSIVE for my eyes, and if you publish your photographys on a forum must accept negatives criticisms also.

Magdalena Campomenosi
Sorry John, I do not see originality in this photography, but i see only vulgarity...

John Peri
That is so well expressed Vittoria, thank you I appreciate it, not because you may or may not like the photo, of course anyone is free not to, but because you describe so well the concept behind the whole porfolio. I do understand the point about the clothing which is studied, though it may not always be the case, but it is a scene representative of so many real moments shared in life which remain ingrained in the mind and go unrecorded. In the case above, it can be during preparations before going out, returning from work or from an evening out .. a moment's privacy with a drink in hand. I often choose props such as cigarettes or alcohol, because the subject is then alone with them for an instant ... quite often these photos are taken during a pause in shooting. Many thanks for passing by. It was a refreshing and insightful comment.

John Peri
That does not include using offensive language which is unacceptable on this site. Nor should personal hangups be expounded on these pages under other people's pages. There are many reasons you can give for not liking this photo, say so politely without insulting the author and the model and no one will object.

John Peri
It's all in the eye of the beholder magdalena. Some people see grace and elegance where others can only relate to dirt, and vice versa.

Magdalena Campomenosi
my critic or your photography is not offensive John, but I see a lot of machismo in many pictures of women' nudity... Why always perfect woman's bodies? They would say that the essence of the woman stops in nice backside, in nice breast, etc. It is therefore what the woman for you? A body? Only flesh? It is clear, it is only my personal opinion.

John Peri
Last drink .. ..

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