Dusky Eyes.

by Zhang Jingna

dusky eyes seeking critique zhang jingna

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Published: Saturday 16th of February 2008 06:08:42 PM


David McCracken
Quite Fantastic... Interesting and strange that you should get more comments about this image on Model Mayhem than you have here. I think this is quite fantastic.

Terry Gilroy
Brilliant photo, original idea, well done

Markos George Hionos
very good work here !- well done

Jörg Vetter
Creative portrait. Well done. BR Joerg

Doug Gentry
Jingan, This is very compelling! Very creative and wonderfully captured. DG

Mark Brigham
Daring and original Very nice work (again)!

Anatoly Smelkov
Very original and attractive. It's just perfect in every detail.

Adham Salavati
7/7 i can just say...wonderful!

Marsha Stevens
Misaya They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is worth 10,000 - haunting...all of the pictures in your gallery show amazing creativity and awesome skill with the camera.

Raymond Borg
Very creative and original image. Love the idea. Well done.

Marcel Cristocea
I like it, interesting conception! Cheers!

Kate Tremblay

I really think this photo is quite creative! It would be cool to do a play off of transparent fabrics and matching eye shadow colors. Fun lighting project for sure!

Jingna Zhang
Dusky Eyes. Comments and critiques welcome~ Thank you for looking. ^^

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