Sony A-100 vs. Olympus C765

by Downs Jim

sony a vs olympus c ultra zoom arequipa downs jim

Gallery: Latin America - Peru - Arequipa

Tags: sony olympus c-765 ultra zoom arequipa c765 olympus vs a-100 seeking critique

Category: Travel

Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows

Published: Saturday 16th of February 2008 01:52:17 AM


Lauren Partida
Way better on the right. lauren

PNF Photography
I agree the image on the right is sharper and the lighting works better. I am learning how to use my camera on manual for the past year and often times I allow the white balance to remain on auto but find I can create the mood in the images much better setting most of the settings myself. It is a learning and growing process and it is nice to see others taking a look at it.

Karl Schuler
The difference between them is mainly due to the orientation area choosen by the cameras for the white balance. Which one corresponds more to the reality? This depends on the colour of the walls and the light conditions when the shot was taken and is therefore less a question of taste and more one of accuracy. Both photos tend to pixelation along edges. This as due to the small size of the photo file. Personally I prefer the left one. Karl

Dennis Aubrey
Far less detail on the left ... ... the lettering, the decoration on the arches, the tiles in the floor, the plants, everything. In addition, there is artifacting in the large fields of color, especially the white on the left and the arches, but also in the rust color of the pillars. I don't know either camera, but I'd sure run them through tests using the manual settings if I saw these results on automatic. The lesson, though, is one that camera companies don't want told and frankly what most photographers don't want to hear. If you are going to shoot on automatic modes, you should buy a camera (and stick with it) that performs well in auto modes. Nice job, Jim.

Jim Downs
Unscientific Test Sony A100 is on the left; the cheap, old Olympus on the right. As best as I recall, I was using automated settings on both. I presume you will agree with me that the one on the right is a better image but I look forward to comments.

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