JP F91

by Peri John

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Published: Friday 12th of April 2002 11:43:53 PM


artistic nudes
i like the picture within a picture. the background photo is a direct shot of her breasts and lower area, and the foreground photo is an indirect shot of her lower area with her breasts covered. i think it's great.

hool _
the green shirt doesn't add anything valuable to the image, except perhaps novelty. it is out of place and distracting. the picture-in-a-picture composition here combined with the green shirt and the catalogue smile seems trite. the original photo in the frame is very nice, i like that one very much - but having it in this photo as composed only hurts it.

Alex Khakhalev
I like this b&w and light green color fusion. Great job, John. 9/9.

Hank Meitus
My first reaction was that the small touch of color in the garment is what makes the difference between this being really good and really really good. (It's so hard to tax my brain to come up with appropriate adjectives. Just know that I like the photo as presented!)

Dan T
The set is nice. The eyes of the model invites to some complicity. The green-gray combination is smooth. The cut hands on the left spoils a little this image.

John Peri
Interesting comment Dan. Thanks. It's always hard to know exactly where to cut off in any image. In this particular one, a delicate balance had to be stricken between how much attention is given to the figure in the foreground, and how much is left for the scenery behind which, don't forget, is also a nude. In all this series of "dual themes", I have tried different combinations and chosen ultimately those that allow you to flip from one image to the other, let's say with two thirds attention in the foreground. Then don't forget that there is also sometimes, like here, a little provocation in the foreground ... so it's good to draw the viewer away too!

John Peri
Javed, I tried it obviously! Chopping the hands off, as you say, makes her looks incidental to the picture .... as if she is somehow in the foreground by mistake. As I explained above, it adds the "unexpected" to the picture. In my opinion, it really was the better picture of the two, but I appreciate your comment. Thank you. John

Javed Rassi
Chopping her hands off really does not do justice to this picture, background is distracting, green looks pleasing with black.

Roman F. Hümbs
the color moves the eye one onto itself, that pic in the pic also. a good one and a good perspective. great, br roman

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