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Published: Thursday 14th of February 2008 02:51:35 PM


Anthony J Deffina
Hope you don't mind John. I just thought a little brightening and some selective burning would help. So much great color here! ~Anthony

John Peri
My goodness, how on earth did you do that Anthony ! Many thanks. If you read this, would you post it here a bit smaller, in which case it will appear directly on the page .... many thanks again.

Alon Eshel
I'm happy to see you manged to get something in the crowded festival :) , Wonderful

Andrew Piotrowski
I achieved the same effect by a simple level adjustment, but did not attach the picture. See the attached image.

Anthony J Deffina
Sure John, Glad you liked it. I made a duplicate layer and changed that layer setting to SCREEN. Then lowered the opacity of that level to my liking. It's a quick method that works pretty well much of the time. Then just burned a couple spots with a soft brush and boosted the color up slightly. ~Anthony

John Peri
Wonderful Anthony, I wish I knew how to do that .. many thanks, really.

Tanya Truong
Her eyes... ye! she knew. It's amazing that with such elaborated custom, and her eyes still stand out. You capture her soul, John ;o). BTW, Anthony, i want to sign up to your photoshop class too :o).

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Very good colors and details.

Andrew Piotrowski
It is a great capture. Stunning colors and nice composition. I played with it a bit and it looks even better with adjusted levels (manual).

John Peri
A passing glance .. she knew ...

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