House at Sunset, 2003 (B&W)

by Kelly Landrum

house at sunset bw near princeton olympus e n seeking kelly landrum

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Category: Architecture

Published: Wednesday 13th of February 2008 07:11:36 AM


Liz Weisiger
Hey, Lannie I love this scene. You know how to find 'em and take 'em so these houses become pieces of life. Well done. Regards, liz

Jim McConnell
Hi Lannie, the house really stands out and the exposure is fine.

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
good choice for bw-grey tones, Lannie... I like the angle... and you know I love old house....warm regards from the sunny south

Landrum Kelly
Hey, lady, where do you think I am, Siberia?! (Thanks, Sheryl. We do share a lot of tastes in our subjects, don't we?) --Lannie

Tyler Wind
Lannie--I hope you've been doing well...haven't heard from you in a while, although I admit I've been absent from PN for quite some time. I love your tones and textures in this shot--well done! I finally made it down to Hunting Island Lighthouse to get some pictures. It's a tough one to photograph so I don't think I got any photos that are going to become world famous, but I got some decent shots I'll try to get posted sometime soon. Hope things are well...good to see you still out capturing images such as this, which seem to be your trademark in this hobby!

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, everyone. Tyler, good to hear from you. I do think that shooting old houses makes me happiest of all, if only because they will soon be gone, and I want to record them before they are gone. That which is passing away always makes me a little sad. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
"warmest Summer Regards" You have a way with words, Sher,and not just with pictures. Thanks for the kind and evocative words. --Lannie

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
;-) Still one of my Fav's.... warmest Summer Regards

Landrum Kelly
House at Sunset (B&W) Thanks for commenting on the black-and-white version.


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