JP F92

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Published: Friday 12th of April 2002 03:39:07 PM


artistic nudes
great shot. it is so inocent. it appears that you have walked into the room and stumbled upon her napping. it makes you want to pull up a chair and watch her sleep.

Susan Kopchick
very nice..but I really don't like the scarf. Agree with the previous comment....the position reminds me of the fragility and vulnerability of us all.

John Peri
I thought that the scarf added to the fragility? But good point. Thank you. Maybe, as an afterthought, there should either be more of it or it should be removed completely.

John Peri
I feel there is something a bit special about the foetal position at any age ...

Keith Lommel
No, I like the scarf... combined with the fetal position, it suggests a security blanket, reinforcing the theme of vulnerability. Great photo!

Eddie O'Bryan
I love this!

bob beavis
i just love the effect of the scarf it rminds me of a time when the security of something this smiple can make peace with the photo. great job! really like your work! thanks

James Morales
definetly, the most natural position of feeling secure

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