JP F20

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Published: Friday 12th of April 2002 03:16:11 PM


barry gilliand
Exceptional! The sleek form of the nude figure on the water adds just the right contrast to the architectural element of this image. Barry Gilliand

Fred Kamphues
Mmm, very original!


Ken Thalheimer
Not only do I like her form but it flows with the bridge and other boat

Trent Heaft
Spot the CardBoard Cut Out Ok so you have some fantastic eye for shots of beautiful women. But quite frankly your photoshop skills need a lot of work. The light source of the women is clearly different to that of the BG, this makes her look flat and cut out. I would have dropped the brightness of the women a little and maybe tried copying, flipping and using an overlay transparency to create a reflection of her in the water. Or alternatively why not just stage it and get the shot you have tried to create hear. Love your other work though.

John Peri
Trent, it is a "cut out and paste" and has no pretensions of being anything else! I wish I had an expert like you to advise me on how to use photoshop. I have no one in my circle of friends that knows anything about it and so I just press the buttons more or less to see what happens. My choice is either never to do it, or to try it in my amateurish way hoping to lead to some compositions as above. Actually, I did this particular one for someone that wanted to do a painting of it. If I find the picture I took of it, I'll attach the photo later to this remark. As for getting the girl to pose in the gondola, I've done some outrageous things in my life, but I'm not too sure how that would go down.

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