JP F93

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Thursday 11th of April 2002 11:59:36 PM


Detlef Klahm
the expression both in body and in facial...excellent!

Andrew Tham
tilting the frame? Ever considered tilting the axis instead of the usual landscape/portrait framing?

Alex Wilson
I love the way to motion is captured, but for some reason (either the movement or the angle) the subject's bum looks really odd.

Jeremy Buss
Aesthetics 9, Originality 7 Very pleasing to the eye, I really like all of the curves, my eye seemed to follow them through the photo.

ceu melo
Great I can see her...

Amar Khoday
John, I decided to take a foray into your world...your body of work is impressive (no pun intended). This one just leaps out because of the sheer joy of her expression.

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