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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 11th of April 2002 07:26:39 PM


David Blair
Another exceptional stand out photo John.

Brian Peterson
The photo is to dark. All the light is focused on her midsection. Also she is too small.

Brian Peterson
One more thing Just one more thing about this picture. It reminds me of some of Amy's work.

John Peri
.... don't worry. She's growing.

Elliott Shannonhouse
don't change a thing This is the best nude portrait I have seen on this site. When I see comments and complaints about pictures it's sometimes because you are doing something that's "just not done". People get all in a snit because you didn't conform to their preconceptions. One guy actually chided a dude and told him to go to this stock photo site, his pictures would get better. Yeah, if you want to do stock photography! It would be hilarious if it wasn't so aggravating. Most of the photos on this site are wither horribly unoriginal or just horrible. Between getting 1 ratings from mysterions with names similar to famous photographers who have posted no photos, to being accosted by hacks for not following their rules of photography, I am just about to give up on this hackfest and move on. Then I see a picture like this, like the shot of a ghost in a haunted house, beautiful shadow detail, and at the same time hilarious because she's so small and engulfed. (Who's Amy?) Anyway, this picture made my night. Sevens all around!

Jonathan Painter
Praise This photo reminds me of the Hitchcock film, Rebecca. The woman looks as if she's being engulfed by the house, and there's something about the expression on her face that is hard to put a finger on. Maybe uncanny is the word. This is a fascinating photo!

John Peri
Elliot, thank you very much. It's not just that you give praise which is so pleasing (well .. hum!) as the fact that you show that you understand what this is all about, at least in it's intentions. Sometimes, when one is alone, one begins to doubt and feel defensive about being stubborn and persuing a certain approach, when all the "experts" tell you are wrong. In my early days here, when I really didn't know very much, there was one of these truly brilliant photographers on this site who I respect who was telling me after every posting that everything I did was wrong! He was analysing my photos with a scalpel, pointing out the faults. I looked at his portfolio and understood that I could never achieve the excellence that he had done, which made me even more depressed! I know he meant well, and I agreed with almost all his comments, but I remain nevertheless convinced today that he is wrong in substance. If we are to make a contribution as individuals, however modest it may be, we must also try sometimes to break some rules so as to offer something different. If this is done in a haphazard way, it is a waste of time, but if one shows consistently and tries to underline, as I have done, what is natural and spontaneous in one's subjects, then maybe one can look beyond the technical precision that is required of a different kind of work? Many people seem to have understood now that the nudity is superfuous in my photography. It is a means to an end, and never, almost never a goal in itself. Part of the reason that I get so many girls to pose for me is that I explain to them what my objectives are. they are intrigued by the challenge of revealing themselves as they really are. Strangely, they have become to a large extent my strongest supporters. 9/10ths of them would have never responded to an invitation tosimply "remove their clothes and pose". However, following them around the apartment with a camera and a glass of wine allows me to pass from being an intruder to an accomplice. Looking back on the pictures I took as a schoolboy (the children I have posted here) I realise that my approach to photography was the same even then. So I guess I remain a little stubborn, but we cannot all be the same and this is the way I have found of expressing myself. I'm glad that some people like yourself can identify with what I do.

John Peri
Thank you Jonathan. I think the reason is because she was frozen in movement and speech.

José Miguel Ferreira
Why does everybody keep saying she's small? It seems rather like a big house... Anyway, the photo is quite misterious, almost creepy. Nice printing too. It kind of reminds me of the work of Dominic Rouse, although not the same - can be seen here: Nice work.

John Peri
You are right of course José! She's very tall. The apartment is huge.

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