Windows Regress, 2003

by Kelly Landrum

windows regress olympus e n near princeton seeking kelly landrum

Gallery: Black and White Conversions

Tags: olympus e-20n near regress windows princeton seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Friday 8th of February 2008 05:06:04 AM


Matthew Loeber
Great found frame! Love this version!

Les Berkley
Good perspective and b/w tonalities.

JeffS L
This is a winning photo, well framed and with a lot of character.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. I have been thinking that maybe the use of the history brush on the color version to bring out only the greenery on the other side (while leaving the rest in black and white) might be the best of all. --Lannie

Aldemar A

Is amazing, i love it.

Landrum Kelly
Windows Regress (B&W) Comments on the black and white version would be very much appreciated.


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