Kudzu Railroad, 2004 (B&W)

by Kelly Landrum

kudzu railroad bw williamston kodak n seeking crit kelly landrum

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Published: Wednesday 6th of February 2008 03:01:30 AM


Liz Weisiger
Hey, Lannie I like the color image best, but I still love this scene.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Liz. I like it because I was there, and it was a day in my life, not just a photo. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Antarctica! Far out, Mike! I would love to see what you captured down there--and with a D3 at that. I haven't even seen a D3 yet, except on the ads or dpreview.com. I remember the first photo of yours that I ever critiqued--the one with the ocean wave breaking against a seawall right in front of you. ( http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=641755 ) It looked frozen in space, literally like a wall of ice. It was a magnificent shot that still stays with me. --Lannie

Mike Sea
G'day Lannie, I see your simple rustic style shines and develops over time...even a touch or macro in there as well. So nice to see your work again and how it continues to evolve. I have just come back from Antarctica. While I never paste my good work online, if you are interested, drop me a line and I will email some small versions to have a peek at. Mike Sea PS Happy New Year PPS Nikon Australia loaned me a D3 - the first to go to Antarctica - it is awesome

Afshin Azizi
Beautiful shot nad excellent train-way shot.Framing is very well and using of B&w format is excellent.All the best

Bryant Payden
Beautiful lines, I like this B&W image very much.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Patsy. It was a very hot August day when this photo was made, and the sun was quite high in the sky. --Lannie

Patsy Dunn
Landrum, This is a great shot, I love it in black and white. I like the way you are lead into the photograph. Another great shot!!!! Patsy

Haig Tchamitch
Looks good in b/w

Tolga Dogan
magnific composition Lannie!! I felt the road calling me! b.wishes/Tolga

Landrum Kelly
Kudzu Railroad (B&W) Comments on the black and version would be appreciated.


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