Brothers: Landrum Kelly, Sr. and Horace Kelly (1979)

by Kelly Landrum

brothers landrum kelly sr and horace greenville

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Published: Monday 4th of February 2008 11:39:16 AM


Verlon Walden
I like the feeling this photo conveys: brotherly love. As for improvement; maybe a smidge more contrast, and it's cropped a bit too tight left & right for my taste. A quarter inch more picture on either side feels about right. All in all, a good picture.

Landrum Kelly

Thanks.  They are my dad and his brother, my uncle Horace.  They were (at one time) down-home country--and they were always as about as authentic as you could get, not a false bone in either one of them.  By the time this picture was made, they lived in the suburbs. 


Horace would not live too long after this shot was made.  My father, the older of the two, would make it twenty more years.



Landrum Kelly
Brothers: Landrum Kelly, Sr. and Horace Kelly (B&W) Comments on the black and white treatment would be appreciated.


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