Interior Details

by Downs Jim

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Gallery: Latin America - Peru - Machu Picchu/Cusco/Sacred Valley

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Category: Architecture

Published: Monday 4th of February 2008 10:18:49 AM


Baerbel Kavanaugh
Fabulous shot, GJ. The lights and darks are just right. One place I have not been to as yet, though I got close - Bolivia. Did the altitude bother you at all? I had a 3 day head ache in La Paz, before my system adjusted. Anyway, greetings from one globe trotter to another. :)

PNF Photography
Nice detail and amazing shapes and it looks like a wonderful place to capture moss and grass growing on very old rocks. Beautiful

Maria Tadic
It is amasing that for all that time that passed trough this city, all winds and rains, that walls have maintained their form and wholeness.. this part is very interesting, shows maintenance of space required for living.. it looks so little from here.. :) I would like to pass trough..

Jim Downs
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