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Published: Sunday 3rd of February 2008 05:08:15 PM


Michal Giedrojc

Kenneth Nelson
Monika: Interesting pose and use of the frame (your control of it is evident from your portfolio). My only other comment is that the wrinkles in the seamless are a bit distracting. Regards,

Bob Kurt
Wonderful original pose, I love it! Great shot!

b kris
Monika- All I can say is, "BEAUTIFUL!!!" This shot has everything going for it. Great work! -Brad

Kaushik Chatterjee
Monika, Simply outstanding. Great effect and the presentation. Simplicity at its best.

If you want, have a look...

Joseph Popper
Love the tones and expression. A fine image with excellent light. Regards...

Manu T
Very Nice and appealing. All your B&W potraits are excellent. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Gold Fish
WONDERFUL Very elegant ,classic .smells like tri-x film !.regards

Ahmad Musnansyah
High Quality Classic Monika.. as apparent from comments on your portfolios, Your BW shots just great. I agree with one of your fans who said: your works represent a different era than most of the works you'll find here, which is great..! This photos is remarkable easily stand out among the others., thanks for sharing, I wish I can learn from your works..

Monika Brand
Nora thanks for your comments!

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