American Pastoral, 2004 (B&W)

by Kelly Landrum

american pastoral bw kodak n near greenwood seekin kelly landrum

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Published: Sunday 3rd of February 2008 07:38:21 AM


Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Pnina. Here it is, or you can see the original "Larger" version at --Lannie

Pnina Evental
Lannie, it is a good composition, and I like the white, being only the small cloud peeping behind the tree. To really know what is better , maybe it is a good idea to upload the colored version?

Landrum Kelly

Four days after this shoot, I was racked up in a high-speed pile-up on I-26 (during a sudden cloudburst) on my way to Florida to interview for a teaching job at Valencia College in Orlando.  Needless to say, I didn't make it, although I would be released from the hospital the same day.   I looked bad, but I was basically alright.


Moral: Never run into the back of  a stationary tractor trailer at full speed.  (The car hydro-planed, and I was wearing only a belt--no airbags.)


Even more important moral:  FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT!



Landrum Kelly
American Pastoral (B&W) Please let me know what you think of this in black and white. Thanks.


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