Next station- Other side

by Cesnakevicius Ceslovas

next station other side seeking critique cesnakevicius ceslovas

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Published: Saturday 2nd of February 2008 11:14:15 AM


Donna Pagakis
Very clever, this would be a great scene in a video game. Excellent idea!

Andrea de Bonis
formidable pic, really extra. clouds beautyfull, very very well done. at my tasta (or maybe at my screen) i loved to see more light on the train and on the bridge. greatings!

Armindo Lopes
The image is original and beautiful. The sky is fantastic with all those clouds but you could reduce the cyan on it.

Armindo Lopes
My point of view.

Gerolamo Romano
extraordnaire formidable bravo

Marta Eva LLamera
Original and fantastic work. Regards.

Ananda Kumar
Ceslovas Creative idea and simply great. I love this composition. Regards Anand

Sam Bal
A good fun image! Cheers, Sam

Rueda Palomares Agustin
Hola Un trabajo realmente sensacional. Saludos

Jaap Voets
very clever idea

Daniel Miramontes
awesome !, love the cloud.

Jef Van den Houte
Creative and original with a sense of humour

Sauciuc Gabriela

Michael Murphy
ceslovas This beyond creative, "Perfection", 7/7

Sonia Mason
Brilliant in every way! I love it!

John Graham
hi Clever. The story potential is endless...

Liz Weisiger
I see this presented in Today's Member Sampling. I put this image in "My Favorites" long ago, and it pains me that I never commented here. It was, and is, a Favorite, because it transcends my imagination, and totally entertains me.

Philip Coggan
When I was a child of dreamed of such things. You bring back magic.

Ben Goossens
Indeed, a very clever and creative idea:-)))

Jana Vanourkova
Dreamy masterpiece beautiful and creative, cheers Jana

Ken Thalheimer

Whimsical & original. I like this a lot

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Next station-Other side Remembering Mr. Morrison

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