Body improvement # 9

by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 1st of February 2008 01:31:28 PM


Peter Clark
Amazing I agree with David, its amazing no one has commented on this pic, absolutley fantastic work, love he title "Body Improvement"

David McCracken
Absolutely Amelokovich What is surprising about this image is that no one has commented on it so far. Quite fantastic and absolutely Amelkovich.

Ruben A. Silva
wow.. This is scarely erotic.

John Larson
Beautiful, erotic and scary as hell.

Tim Rosier

I am loving your work and this image speaks volumes to me, but then I am wierd:-)

Igor Amelkovich
Body improvement # 9 victims are possible in a way to ideal. My personal site:

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