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Published: Thursday 31st of January 2008 10:11:58 PM


Alberto Quintal
John Lovely!!! Alberto

David McCracken
To black top or not to balck top... I was going to suggest that this might have been awesome had she not been wearing the black top. However the black top serves to distract us from the extrmely blown out parts on her arms, legs, neck and chest. I fear without it there would have been more.

John Peri
Thanks Glen, this is obviously far from what I started with. I gave it a more graphic overlook. The discoloration and burning out are done on purpose, but I fully sympathize that some others often do not identify with this approach. Nothing wrong with the original, I just like to create graphic, sometimes more innovative, dare I say more imaginative versions. For anyone that is familiar with the works, this is obviously a Vargas simulation, the blue included !

glenn mcguire
Mr. Peri You have taken one of those traditional model poses and added your indefinable style to it. I particularly like the the position of the dangling crucifix, it draws attention. Also the slight blue tint moves the image out of the ordinary. Bravo!

James Baeza
I like it. Nothing else to say here.

Michael Meneklis
Very beautiful and artistic composition John.

Bill Symmons
John Your compositions and style are usually easy to pick out from the thumbs. But not this one. Excellent treatment and a perfect pose to set it up. In terms of the graphic style, I think the background tends, to me , to be a little heavy in tone, it sort of pulls the model in rather than have her stand out. But if it were totally white it might lose her too, maybe you do have the best balance! I'm being picky, it's a great piece of work. My compliments, Bill

Son De Loing
What a change What a change of style, no background anymore, very graphic, though sophisticated pose as always. Man, looking at your model I would say you are ready to take on Asia Argento! Keep it up.

Jim Phelps
John, Very reminiscent of Vargas from the style perspective, but original in the pose, especially the crucifix. This could have been in Playboy in the late 60's or early 70's. Jim Phelps

Timo Hartikainen
This may be a little bit rude comment, but I like that we see her pubic hair here..nowadays we usually see no hair. That crucifix is a nice little thing, lifting this above average nude shot, in my opinion. Your post-processing looks good, but one thing, there is now a quite strong shadow in her right thigh, I would like to see it softer or darker, now it's a little bit reddish and distracting.

John Peri
Sunday morning .. ..

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