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Published: Thursday 31st of January 2008 02:37:34 PM


John Peri
Thanks for the critique. I'm not quite sure what you meant, so I went back to have a look at the expression .. convincing of what ?

Ian Verve
she is perfection and I love!! your collaboration together

Scott Lieberman
Sigh... you make it look so easy.. Well done

Vittorio Pellazza
Imho, "stolen" expressions represent often one aspect of your originality. They contrasts with sensuality of these bodies and render them everyday moments. Bye John.

Rakesh Syal
Amazing, as usual, John! This is a poetry my friend! Regards, Rakesh

Apurva Madia
Very nice 'kitchen'! Great pic John!

Joe Gallagher
A beautiful model and pose. I find her expression fascinating. There is interest as well as some question; sure of herself but not of the viewer. It's as if I asked, "What are you doing?" and regreted the question before I finished it. Always the both of you blow delicately in the ear of our imaginations. Thanks

Sweid Sideris
A striking beauty, but imho the most outstanding detail is the extraordinary lightning managing, it looks like if the sources were available natural light coming from the roof and the left/front side of the frame. The effect on her skin is simply stunning.

John Peri
Thank you all, glad you like it. Thanks to the model too that is so graceful. Carlo, as the Beatles said .. "with a little help from my friend" .. light above, light from the window, but always a little bounce flash added also to fill in the shadows ..

Michael Meneklis
One more original creation with the signature of John.

Bob Kurt
I'm hungry ! :)

Bill Symmons
Beautifully done once again John. If you used bounce flash did you have it off camera? because it appears to be you in the far left cupboard door and I see no evidence of flash there. Wonderful textures between the model and the Kitchen cabinetry. Warm and cold mixed and it works so well. Great stuff, Bill

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Really nice composition, John - good use of space and well nigh perfect sighting of your subject.

Ricardo Alberto Maciel
Hi John: I always want to have somebody like she in my kitchen when I don't find anything to eat. It's a joke. Your photo is perfect, I like the illumination it very controlling, good model, excellent idea. Regards Ricardo

Rodrigo Canellas
It is so natural and realistic, that it makes me believe that I can find a lady like that in MY kitchen, on a Monday morning! 8) Great click!

Alessandro Gadaleta
I agree with carlos, both the light and the pose are fantastic. But I don't like the contrast between the sharp lower part of the picture and the upper part of the bakground, which is quite soft: the effect is really weird. Her facial expression also is not too convincing.

Sorin Vidis
Really?? the light was put to good use then.... Best regards

John Peri
Thanks everyone for your interest ... I've been away for a while .. Bill, I owe you a reply .. yes, apart from the window and normal apartment lights, it was just the usual flash attached to the camera ...

Sarah Kane
Just thought I'd check in with you John;) I've been away a bit, but it appears you're hard at work as always! Love the lines in this one, the counter top couldn't be anymore perfect as a pedestal for this beauty... I will look through more of your photos soon;) Best Wishes from your friend, ~S~

John Peri
Kitchen ..

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