Body improvement.

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Tuesday 29th of January 2008 01:11:48 PM


Evgeny Brook
Ideal body This is an ideal body! :-)
The work of the photographer is blameless as always.
However, it'll be better and stronger if the cutting edge would touch the body :-).

Karel VojkovskĆ½
7 nice IGOR :)

Les Berkley
Interesting image. Beautiful model. Good concept, interesting use of the 'white stuff' (which could be...) Why is the knife backwards? Is she going to 'improve' someone else's body?

Joke Weier
Nice? Just a great photo, in al he sense and technical. Congrats.

David McCracken
Quite Fantastic A little darker than your 'normal' but quite fantastic.

Bob Kurt

Jan Mlcoch
sorry Sorry, I dont like this picture and I think it is in top just because of your name... technically yes, good, but the knife and holding it is not making any sence... I have seen many photos like that, everything with such killer knives, guns etc. ... this is maybe best of them, but it is not worth your name....without knife it would be much better Best regard Jan

Troy White
Igor One of the best images I've seen on this site in a long time! It definitly has the power of suggestion. "Is she really going to shave with that knife...and if so can I watch!" Great Work

Alessandro Della Casa
Astonishing beautiful! The perfection of the body is enchanting, and the finishing along with the idea make this picture a winner. Congratulations Alessandro

Alberto Quintal


Igor Amelkovich
Body improvement. Body and knife... My personal site:

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