by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

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Published: Monday 28th of January 2008 01:29:08 PM


Jim Phelps
John, EXCELLENT color, and the overlay works well also! Interesting the way the eyes and her lips compete with the pirate logo for the viewer's attention.

Ken Thalheimer
A bit of a departure from the norm for you John. Nicely carried out

Alon Eshel
Good work John , Very " POP "

James Baeza
Your comment on one of my latest images helped me to better understand this one. Thanks.

John Peri
Gary, what you are in fact saying is that art cannot be sensual and suggestive, without it being blatantly obvious. I don't agree. The purpose of this kind of work is to stimulate the imagination. If you satisfy it with easy gratification, it usually becomes a bore. That being said, one can ocassionally pull off this kind of image as erotic art and try to keep it pure aesthetically, by that I mean of sufficient interest for it not to be only sex, but then it's not for viewing on a general forum such as this. Tanya and the others, glad you liked it. Tanya of course has understood what it's all about.

Sorin Vidis
A conceptual one....for a change....quite a U turn 4 u John....and remarcable ideea and execution... Best regards Drop by...

James Baeza
With respect I have to say I don't get this one. I have no problem with the provocative nature of the image, I just do not see it. Interesting is my final conclusion. I do like the post processing though.

John Peri
Interesting comment Jim, thank you, and of course one expects to have differing opinions. it's hard to answer really because, as someone says above, it's all purely conceptual. Imagerie, graphism, sensuality, provocation, glamour .. where to situate it? I have a fantasy file in which this is placed. Maybe that is what describes it best .. thanks for passing by Jim.

Janusz Taras
Excellent,very creative composition John.Regards.

Bob Kurt
GREAT GREAT SHOT !!! Excelent. I love this photo.

A.K. Sircar
Different strokes & beautiful rendition,John.

Tanya Truong
The most sensual Queen of Spring... She comes just in time for those who dream upon the Spring time. John! I bowl to you for being the master of sensuality. Your photography is full of intimate portraits which convey the most romantic feelings and sensuality. I absolutely love this photo. Just striking.

Kenny Garver
AHRRRRRRRR! a pirate's fantasy! beautiful wench me matey.. nicely done john.

John Peri
Spring is in the air .. ..

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