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Published: Thursday 24th of January 2008 03:47:21 PM


John Peri
Not overlooked, ignored .. Thanks Carlo. I totally agree in that I think appreciation has to do largely with feeling. This is true for any work, whether in photography, painting, sculpture or whatever. Subjectively, one can find things to criticise in any piece, but for the most part it is irrelevant and not every one will agree anyway or they will focus on something different. Ultimately, do you like it, does it move you or does it not, that's what counts and what it will be judged on. Photography, particularly in glamour and figure studies is not an exercise in semantics or mathematical equations. It has to do with sensitivity and feeling. That is why I always say also that straight walls and horizons, and missing fingers have nothing to do with a good or bad photo. To answer your question Romeo, you need to show to your models that you can portray them as tender, loving human beings, and no amount of words or chocolate will suffice ... :-). Nor are they are interested in looking like a perfect piece of architecture, though even that Carlos Chavez has shown us can be portrayed with mystery and exquisite grace (just look at his files on architecture, design and shape). Surely with a name like yours Romeo, I have nothing to teach you ! Thanks to both of you.

John Peri
Thank you Alberto and the others. I am glad that this photo was met with approval.

Bodyline Photos
7/7 I can't rate you its a 7/7

Marcin Klysewicz
perfect work - light, composition. very good photo.

Aleksandar Jovanovic
Pleasent but could be better Very nicely used natural light, opposite to back lighting suggested by studio/stock photographers. Hand is unnaturally placed and disrupting like wooden object in contrast to well balanced gamma and shapes.

Eric Lefebvre
Strangely bashful and chaste. And I like the composition with her right hand in the shadow, her left hand with her fingers stretched out. A very cool image.

Sweid Sideris
Romantic, delicate, with this outstanding gesture of her hand as if she were embarassed for something, (I don't miss her hidden hand) at all there is a lot of subtle details in this remarkable work. You know John, I can be trying to find the right words for a while and I still being without explain exactly what I feel in front of this image, but I accuse my lack of english, of course. Anyway, here there are more than simply her undeniable beauty and your characteristic photographic mastery, a shot with an atmosphere high above your other beautiful works.

Romeo Calin
hello John! stop eating the chocolate and pay attention!!! 'a shot in preparation'.so i get that this its just a trial and there were things overlooked!!!. there are some things that could be better in my opinion( as novice as usual) in this photo. the position of her left hand and in special the way it is high up and open does not go at all with the rest of the composition. the overall look of her body is a soft one.her hand looks like almost from a different composition so much the contrast is between the two of them. almost to manly for her sensuality. if her fingers would have touched the curves of her neck it would have been a lot better. another thing is the shadow on her right hand. a little to much of it. apart from the fact that it makes the hand looks smaller and 'sinister' to me, it does not look quite right compare to the shadow on her right side of her right breast. it seems it needs a little touch of light and maybe,maybe some on her right leg stocking. ..... so now that you know my opinion, would you tell me "the secret" to get them if chocolate`s not the one!!!

Jim Phelps
John, Although this foto is excellent, it has a different emotional impact on the viewer than most of your others. It does not have the glamour, or "joie de vie" usually seen in your work. Instead, the model comes across as more reflective, and the viewer's emotional response is more subdued, empathizing with the model in a more cerebral manner than usual (I almost expect to see a reflection of a goatee'd artist in a black turtle neck in the foto). Both her facial expression/eyes, the high contrast change in the background, and the use of B&W accentuate this. Kudos to both of you! Jim Phelps

Sweid Sideris
Insults coming from you? No Romeo, no way, you aren't insulting neither I'm offended. Perhaps it's my fault because sometimes I sound a little belligerent, you know, passion for photography and ideas sometimes led me to a mess with someones. Your opinion is as valuable as the mine or the opinion of anyone. Here we are expressing our points of view and that's all. If my comment is the reason of your upset then I beg your pardon.

Vittorio Pellazza
7/7 Great feeling, fine intimacy, wonderful b&w and famous expressions you are able to capture. 7/7

Stephen Solomon
I DO like this image! I visited it a couple of times earlier, but wasn't certain what I liked most about it. Hands say alot about an individual. Your model has graceful hands. The manner in which she is holding her left one, as if intending to stroke her hair, enhances the delicate nature depicted in her pose. I like the way her form is situated within the dark, left half of the picture and that the light tones of her body offset, or balance, the bright half of the image on the right. This shot is an intuitive masterpiece on both the part of you, John, and your beautiful friend. Wonderful composition!

Alberto Quintal
I am agree with Jim, ... Fantastic, Bravo, John. 7/7 Alberto

A.K. Sircar
Excellent shot of a coy & beautiful lady,John. Your composition and contrast are superb.

Franz S.
If I could see the right hand it would be a 7/6 to me

Mathew Andersen
Nice Very nice picture!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

John Peri
I thought you said that you were not going to visit my pages any more Juha? I would prefer that you just keep away. I do not relate to the offensive manner in which you express yourself.

Jeff H
John, Yet another wonderful shot. I do agree with some of the comments here. Photography is and can be quite a topic of discussion. It is an subjective art form. As an artform there rules of the trade...yet rules are meant to be broken. When it comes down to it at the end of the day, the question is "Do you like it?" Whether one takes photos in the style of a shot they are looking at or not, everyone has a valid opinion. I don't takes nude shots for many reasons, one being I dont know anyone as beautiful as your friends John that would do that for me (plus my wife may not like it). Yet that doesn't mean that looking at a photo like this and many others can't have an effect. I like this one because of the elegant beauty brought out in the models pose and the lighting. John, you seem to always seem to be able to capture the mood of your models with ease and I applaud you for that. Kudos once again!

Romeo Calin
Please, its all a misunderstanding.


John Peri
Thank you Carlo. Your words add some more poetry to the image ..

John Peri
Romeo, you have every right to your opinion and no one said the contrary. Thank you also for expressing it. What people do not always understand however is that others, including the author, also have a right to theirs, and whereas they find it perfectly normal to say what they think, they no longer always share that feeling when one replies! I think it is excellent that different viewpoints are shared in this manner, that is what Photo net is all about, but it must be done politely and with courtesy towards other people's feelings, and no one on this page suggested otherwise, least of all Carlos who is the very model of a gentleman, as you can see from his more than gracious response to you. Best wishes to you and to the others also, John

Romeo Calin
point taken. John and Carlos, i am not here to insult anyone or in any way his artistic work. but to be honest i am not here to sugar coat anyone either which i most admit i have done it already on a few occasions. The way i say it it`s the way i see it. And now i know that details are not really a way to critique art! I think there is a huge gap between "mine" and John`s artistic work for him to get offense to my comment in anyway. I could only dream and hope that one day to get as close as possible without being a copycat to what you guys are doing. And this "communication" will help me -and others like me- achieve that goal. I hope you understand that because of my 'over the top' comment you guys just 'teach me a first lesson' and i thank you both. If i liked it? Its like swiss chocolate :)

John Peri
Thank you very much Jeff, the model that will read this will appreciate your comment also, indeed she is elegant and it shows here. My wife paints, which probably helps to look at the work in a more detached manner, but I do have her support and I appreciate that. As for my friends, well they more often become so after photographing them than the other way around. The intensity of the relation I have found however is one that leads to long lasting and sincere friendships.

Don Shows
Excellent photograph. I love the pose, lighting and contrast. Well done.

Ken Barrett
Lovely nude study, the models pose and expression are very elegant

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Only one word for you, OUTSTANDING.

James Baeza
Wonderful image. Love the elegance of the model and the delicate tones. Perfect crop.

Yves Pichon
Nice shot. Perfect lighting of the model. I find the background a bit disturbing. It will be excellent when she is eventually ready. Cheers. Yves P.

Janusz Taras
Very,very good composition John.

John Peri
Oh dear, I am nowhere near the best at anything. We all just like different things. I am very glad however that you appreciate what I try to do. Thank you Hernest.

Alon Eshel
Perfect light and posing with wonderful composition . A most beautiful work

Bodyline Photos
A classic and very elegant shot. the subtle sculpturing of her body excellent in such difficult lighting conditions.

jim paire
John, this is ---------- Im at a loss for words. 7/7 jim

Hernest Ernesti Luchino
i think that you time after time has improved your work, (and one or two years ago you was already the best!!here.) This shot in not only sensual but also delicate and intimate.(I'm not sure you may understand my comment for my poor english). In any way the whole your work is a model, a style. best regards hel

Sweid Sideris
Sorry Romeo, your critique is excessively detailed. If a picture deserves so specific critique step by step then you don't "feel" the statement of the exposure, or you don't like it. Because photography is just this; like it or not, feel it or not, the image is moving you or not, it's reaching you or not. Can this shot be better? Under the light of philosophic principles I should say "yes", under the common sense I should say: "take a look again before say something". At last, do you like it?

Massimo Santoni
wow John! Very delicate and sensual! Tender... I love this image!

Alessandro Della Casa
Very delicate and elegant...

John Peri
A shot in preparation .. ..

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