by Peri John

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Published: Tuesday 22nd of January 2008 11:15:24 PM


Stephen Solomon
She has that look on her face as if to ask, "What?... did you want me to use a towel??" Intriguing shot. Good lighting and framing. Pose is just a bit tense and awkward. Looks like you are aboard a yacht, judging from the size of the doorway. Could just be the perspective. Your model is very beautiful and carries herself proudly. Her smile would brighten things up a great deal.

Vittorio Pellazza
Wonderful split up from background. Not intrusive and meaningful environment. Great technique and beautiful expression. 7/7

John Peri
Thank you Lennart, I appreciate that. Thank you to the models also that grace us by their presence.

Joe Gallagher
Derriere Hall of Fame - first ballot!

Franz S.
Wet and hot!!!! I like this combination!!!

Nem W. Schlecht
As always, your work is awesome, John.

David McCracken
I am sure.. Looks like she's just out the shower John! I wonder if she's French? Anyway I am sure the passage is a fine one and being honest so is this image.

I didn't miss the humour here John! Thanks a lot for making me smile!

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition.Regards.

John Peri
Thank you all. I'm glad you found this image worthwhile.

Lennart Goldmann
You again I just browsed the nudes after a few days away, and the two photos I clicked on, without knowing the author, were yours (it is not the first time this happens)... It says a lot about the talent and beauty of your models, but even more about your ability to frame, lighten and capture them in a uniquely sensual and sensitive way. Compliments! Lennart

James Baeza
A very sexy "if you want me then follow me" kind of image. Very enticing. Well done on her part I would say. She is a very expressive model. You've done well capturing what she gives you during your shoots.

Alon Eshel
Very inviting to follow . Very good , Love it

John Peri
Between now and yesterday .. .. a timeless passage

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