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Published: Monday 21st of January 2008 05:26:03 PM


Joe Gallagher
I've never envied Woolfie. The kitten on the other hand ...

John Peri
Jim and the others, glad you liked this one. I really only posted it as an after thought, but it's true that they are both adorable and photogenic too .. :-)

Janusz Taras
Beautiful composition John.Great light and atmosphere.

David McCracken
Cute! Cute John! Let's see your pussy do this.

Atanu Ghosh
excellent tones, great light...

Jim Phelps
John, Although it is extremely subjective on my part, I feel that (from the perspective of the narrative) this is one of your best fotos. The background contributes nothing to the foto, so it is all about her and the kitten. The model is very sensual yet also innocent (I have never seen this combination in the US). This impression of innocence comes primarily from her facial expression. The kitten tends to heighten this impression of innocence. One is almost convinced that the kitten feels the model is her mother, an impression which is further enhanced by the kitten's nearest to the model's breast. The strand of hair over her face contributes to the innocent look also. She seems to be saying that her appearance is of secondary importance at this moment. My compliments to you both! Jim

A.K. Sircar
Like it very much,John. Excellent composition & tones.

Mark Pal
Simple and intense, I agree that the model has a rare beauty, combining sensuality and innocence. She closely reminds me of the actress playing the main character in the French movie "Claire's Knee" by Eric Rohmer. Mark

Gary Burdette
Wonderful image. Very nice in every way.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent composition and the expression of the model. Lovely bond.

Douglas Brill
Very sweet and innocent looking nude. The model and the kitten are interchangeable. Very nice shot. Doug

Jerry Matchett
I'm just catching up in looking at works on P.N, but this is clearly one your photos I would put at the top of my list. It is capture of innocence as well as tactility. One cannot help but wish to touch .... ah ... the cat! Definitely, the cat! I love it John. Jerry

John Peri
Ha thanks Jerry. My book on Gaia is devoted to her .. and the cat is in it too .. :-)

John Peri
What's Woolfie compared to this ... ! ..

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