by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 20th of January 2008 02:56:02 PM


David McCracken
I would... The room looks comfortable and I am sure she would make me very welcome! A pleasant image.

Joke Weier
Mhmmm, smile.

Joe Gallagher
Beautiful! Again with the eyes! Does the 'risk and peril' have anything to do with what might be in her unseen left hand?

Janusz Taras
Perfect composition.Very nice model.

Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch
the rolling stones tongue sofa intrigues me. I really like the weird mood of this photo. c u around balthazar

Jim Phelps
John, I like what you two have done here. As usual her expression is perfect, it works well with the B&W and the overall high contrast to give the viewer a sense that something dramatic is about to happen. Jim Phelps

Stephen Solomon
Yeah, Right!...... This model depicts the "could care less" attitude. And rightly so. Check the hat, the position of the right arm, the eyes, hair, necklace. Is it the twist of the torso??? Yes, this photo defys our integrity!!! Yet, she and the photographer who made this image, tempt us into believing that the tongue in the background of the sofa is what this image is all about. I had not considered the "tongue" until it was mentioned, but now seeing the other's viewpoint, I can appreciate the vantage and know that it is accidental. Mr. Peri would not have devised such a setting in his life. His photograph just happened upon and into it. Never the less, there is a mood here that speaks to the viewer, and the subject conveys the mood effectively within her realm. Thank you to both the photographer and the model!! Truly one of the most intriguing of all his subjects.

John Peri
Wow, thanks Stephen ! To be honest, I had skipped over the comment further up, not having quite understood what it meant. Now I see it !! No such implication of course as you rightly say. The model, above 18, but just about to sit for her end of school exams a few days later had everything but that on her mind I'm sure. I'm at an internet café while on vacation. Will return to active participation soon. My very best wishes to you, John

John Peri
Come in ... .. at your own risk and peril ...

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