by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 18th of January 2008 01:38:50 PM


Alon Eshel
Wonderful John . I love the somewhat innocent , yet , tempting posing . The way she looks at the camera , Bbbbbbrrrrrrrr , The eyes :)

Steve Ward
is this the question or the answer

Jim McConnell
John, you are the MAN! Great shot as usual.

Bill Symmons
Yet another very nice image John. Great work. By you and the model to get the right playful seductiveness. I think I would take out the dark shadow behind the door frame and on the floor area on the other side, once I noticed them they kept catching my eye. My compliments, Bill

John Peri
Thanks Bill, now you mention it I see it too, but I don't often give that much attention to my pictures ... I do correct major faults when I see them, but I try to leave something of the spontaneity in them ... many thanks for coming by .. best wishes, John

John Peri
I'm still wondering Steve .. :-)

John Peri
Thank you Ioanni. You clearly understand what it is all about.

Ioannis Lukas
You are showing in your photos the wonderful dimension av beauty and female sensuality. We the most av us men who love women should give you a big thank for clearing us av the gilt that many man haters saying tha we see woman us a sex objekt. .Women bring life and love and wonder in the world!! WE LOVE WOMEN /JANIS LUKAS

Atanu Ghosh
very seductive pose...excellent light...

Jim Phelps
John, Both dramatic and sensual. Her eyes and facial expresion really make this image. Jim Phelps

Janusz Taras
Very nice composition.Perfect light.Regards.

Steffen Drache
rrrrrrrrrrrr, very sexy... ;-)

Alberto Quintal
John WOW!!! Super. Alberto

Donn Dobkin
Very seductive, you two are working really well together. Another good one John!

Rakesh Syal
So simple and so pure!! Rakesh

John Peri
Should I or not .. she asked ...

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