Marie Antoinette

by Patterson Steve

marie antoinette patterson steve

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Published: Monday 8th of April 2002 03:18:07 AM


Ken Imduaikiat
Aesthetics , Originality hmm.. interesting. a very close call between a nice technical photograph or an printing error.

Faisal Siyavudeen
Aesthetics 5, Originality 6 The femal form is effective, but the rest of the photograph does not convey anything

Ronald Goodwin
Aesthetics 3, Originality 3 I think you either moved your camera, or you have a great photo of a ghost.

manu vermeiren
Hm, strange: I've seen the rest of you B&W folder - which I like very much - but this picture doesn't fit in... Or are you trying out a new "style"?

Steve Patterson
Thanks to all for the comments. As the main elements here seem to be sex & death, I don't see it as out of line with my other stuff. (laughing) As to the technique, I'd kind of like to leave it a mystery, but I will say the crop, blur, and softness are all deliberate: it's a weird picture, but I one specifically set out to make, and I'm pleased with the result. Steve

E Urgda
Aesthetics 8, Originality 9 Interesting and original.

Alexander O
As soon as I saw this shot in the folder, I immidiately thought to myself: I bet this shot is underrated. As it turns out, I was right. The photograph works on many levels. Whether it's a technical excellence or a printing error is irrelevent. The shot is terrific and it conveys a whole slew of emotions. The bodyless male head vs the headless female body, that face vs the flowing form. Sort of like the beauty and the beast theme. Anyway, I don't have to analyze it. I think it's great and judging by the ratings, it's under appreciated.

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